About Us

El Perico’s is Omaha’s original weekly and only bilingual (Spanish / English) community newspaper and digital platform. The editorial content includes local, national and international stories that are most relevant to Omaha’s Latino community. Most stories are provided in both Spanish and English with some content only provided in Spanish.

We are the only local media covering soccer leagues and all of the Spanish dominant sports clubs. The Employment section has become an important recruiting tool by providing qualified candidates for many local businesses. El Perico’s content regularly covers content about Health, Education, Immigration, Local Businesses, Arts and Culture.


El Perico is involved in small and large community events throughout the year. You will find us at Cinco De Mayo Omaha, Dia Del Niño, El Grito and many other events. Not only will you find us at the events, it’s likely that you will find us behind the scenes working on these events throughout the year.


El Perico has been publishing since 1999 and prints and distributes 6,000 copies per week.

Distribution points are throughout Omaha focusing on the areas with the highest concentrations of Latinos.

Who reads El Perico?

First generation immigrants represent the biggest portion of El Perico’s readership. But second and third generation readers are also loyal to El Perico in efforts to maintain ties to the community.

Omaha’s Hispanic population is growing, but we still do not have Spanish language survey’s being done to accurately measure media consumption in the market. Howerer, according to recent research performed by Alloy Access and Excend Consulting Services found that 82% of the 1,030 respondents read Hispanic publications and reported sharing their copy with at least one other person and having read three or more or the last five issues. Further 63% of Hispanic newspaper readers report looking at the advertisements at least frequently, with 24% stating they always pay attention to ads. Overall:

  • 39% report sharing advertising information with a friend
  • 34% have gone to an advertiser’s website after reading an ad
  • 20% of respondents have attended an event, such as a festival or job fair in response to an advertisement
  • 25% of the 25-34 year old segment state they are most likely to have called or visited a retail store in response to an ad