LAWYER VANDENBOSCH talks about the rights of immigrants

There is a lot of worry and fear in our Latino community over the
rumors over the latest executive order from President Trump who has ordered several changes to the immigration process, particularly regarding deportations,” said Lawyer Predictably, Stothert won the western, more Republican, portion of the city, where turnout was higher, and Mello took the eastern four council districts. Antonio VandenBosch.

At his office on 19th and Douglas, VandenBosch explained that before this when immigration (ICE) agents arrived at a location to arrest someone with a warrant, they would only take said person.

But since early 2017, media outlets have informed that said agents would arrive at workplaces and would take all undocumented employees even if they didn’t have an arrest warrant: “This happens because the definition of what was considered as a crime in these cases was broadened.”

“Rumors such as this one are spread on social media networks such as Facebook, and people get scared and don’t want to go to work, take their kids to school or go to court when they have to,” added Vanden Bosch.

Because of this, it is important that those affected by this know their rights, in case ICE happens to show up at their house: “My advice as a lawyer that you don’t open the door because you’re not required to let them in. You have to talk to your children about it because sometimes they use threats to get in and that’s when problems begin for a family.”

If ICE agents contact you for an interview, “you must remember that you have the right to remain silent and not answer any questions, especially if there isn’t a lawyer present.”

VandenBosch has over a decade of experience in his field, focusing at first on family cases, divorces and child custody hearings, but lately he has also taken on immigration cases: “For eight years I worked alone, but for the last 14 months I have partnered with Lawyer David Reed, and we opened our office in downtown Omaha where we work with another four lawyers, three of which speak Spanish.”

Cases such as child support and protection orders are some of those frequently seen at VandenBosch & Reed: “Our firm expanded so that we could help people on criminal defense cases that go from traffic tickets to felonies, as well as helping those who are in bankruptcy so that they can lower their debt or eliminate it so that they can start over.”

VandenBosch has a one hour slot on live radio every Monday at 10 a.m. at “El Show del Cachorro” with Lobo 97.7 FM radio announcer Edgar Monsivais: “People can call the station or send s text message with their questions (402.594.3955) so that I can provide them with legal advice, except on the first Monday of the month.”

He also participates at public spaces such as the South Omaha YMCA to talk about topics related to immigration: “We have published on Paisano magazine a list of all the rights of an immigrant which people should definitely check.”

VandenBosch recommends that immigrant parents who have not legalized their status and who have kids who minors should grant a power of attorney in which they state who would get the custody of their children in case they are arrested and later deported: “It is about giving someone you trust like a sister or the kids grandmother, to give them the responsibility of acting without having the State Government intervene, so that they can get together in their country of origin of they wish to do so.”

As for the young people who are taking part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), VandenBosch emphasized that they “mist protect their status, keeping it perfect and with no blemishes because we have seen that the President is very much willing to pass a law to probably solve their situation.”

Antonio VandenBosch / Lawyer VandenBosch & Reed Law 209 S 19th Street (19th and Douglas St.) Suite 475 Omaha, NE 68102 402.884.4489

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