Catholic Charities will Teach a Digital Marketing course in Spanish

Catholic Charities of Omaha will hold a virtual workshop in Spanish on April 15 through its Facebook page, aimed at entrepreneurs or those who are curious about digital marketing, used on most social networks.

According to a newsletter received by El Perico from Nebraska Enterprise Fund, the completely free, one-day workshop will teach the basics of this branch of marketing, as well as strategies for making short messages to attract customers.

As part of the program, which will be broadcast on Facebook Live in Spanish, participants will develop a Facebook page and an Instagram account for a local community organization or business that they wish to develop. “This page will serve to create awareness, generate traffic, attract customers and create advertising campaigns,” says the statement.

The seminar, scheduled for this April 15, will be held between 5:00 pm to 6:15 pm, and is organized in three modules consisting of: basic concepts of social media marketing, marketing with Facebook pages and marketing with Instagram. Upon completing the modules and completing the assigned activities, those interested will receive a “micro-credential.”

For those who wish to extend their training, they can enroll in the Catholic Charities‘ Microbusiness Training Program.

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