State Senator Justin Wayne: Each One Teach One and the Two Justice Systems

By Addie Costello

We have got to make sure we register to vote, bring people to register to vote, vote for Democrats and vote down party lines to get things done for North Omaha this year, State Senator Justin Wayne said in an interview on Sept. 17 with Mind and Soul in the Morning.

Although he is running unopposed for re-election as the representative for the 13th District, Wayne emphasized the importance of his constituents’ votes. North Omaha could provide the critical swing vote to make sure Biden and Harris get over the top, he said.

Wayne invited individuals with concerns about their voter registration to call his office at 402-471-2727. He recommended people visit or to register and request a mail-in ballot for the Nov. election.

Wayne called on voters to elect local officials who will work to correct what he dubbed the  “Tale of Two Justice Systems” for black and white individuals in the city. Hehas witnessed a double standard in the justice system as the attorney for the Scurlock family and the grand jury indictment of Jake Gardner, Wayne said. His message was clear: Activism is no longer just about protesting, it’s about changing offices, and that starts by registering to vote.

For the full interview, listen to Mind and Soul in the Morning here:


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