Shutting Down of South Omaha’s Main COVID-19 Testing Cite

Now people can go to other places to COVID-19 testing, and they must register in TestNebraska. Photo: Google, Omaha World Herald.

By Eneris A. Bernard Santos

One World’s coronavirus testing site at 50th and G Street, in South Omaha, will close today Thursday August 20, 2020. According to an article of the Omaha World-Herald, South Omaha’s main COVID-19 testing cite will shut down due to lack of OneWorld employees, who are scheduled to return to their regular operation systems.

Douglas County stands out as the hardest-hit sector for COVID-19 cases in Nebraska and South Omaha, home to a large Hispanic population.

OneWorld Community Health Centers, the Douglas County Health Department and coordinators of the state’s TestNebraska—a system that measures the rate of COVID-19 testing so Nebraskans can have better access to testing—are working to provide more testing centers available in South Omaha.

For example, OneWorld and TestNebraska staff have proposed a hybrid system in which OneWorld can sign people up for testing, do and receive test results, while TestNebraska offers supplies and processes the tests at its laboratory.

What Can You Do?

Testing through any of TestNebraska drive-thru locations:

  • Crossroads Mall at 72nd and Dodge,
  • Oak View Mall near 144th Street and West Center Road,
  • and a Visiting Nurse Association affiliated site at 125th Avenue and West Center Road—requires prior website registration.

The website will provide short questions to determine the severity of symptoms. Once current risk has been assessed, they will confirm a time slot and location for testing. Test answers come back within a day or two.

There are other places one can go for testing as well. Among these are: Heartland Emergicare, Thinkquick Urgent Care, CVS, Minute Clinic, Methodist Hospital, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, ARCpoint Labs of Omaha, and Walgreens. All these locations also require prior registration through their website.

*With the information of Omaha Worth-Herald.

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