New Web Tool for Non-Filers to Receive Stimulus Checks

The Internal Revenue Service has launched a new web tool for people who don’t normally file tax returns so they receive their $1,200 federal stimulus check.

Those who filed tax returns or receive income through Social Security or disability benefits or railroad retirement benefits do not have to provide any additional information to the IRS, according to an agency press release. Many of those people should start receiving direct deposits starting next week, according to a release from the federal agency.

For those who did not file taxes in 2018 and 2019, the web tool on requires you submit personal information including:

  • Your Social Security Number;
  • Address;
  • Any dependents you may have and;
  • Optional banking information if you wish to receive a direct deposit.

In addition to non-filers, the IRS suggests those receiving veteran disability compensation as well as Supplemental Security Income to use the web tool. The agency is exploring ways to make those payments automatically, it said in the press release, so those groups have the option to input their information now or wait.

Payments will start next week, the IRS said. By April 17, citizens expecting a check will be able to see the status of their check through a “Get My Payment” application. This will include the date your check will be deposited as well as allow you to provide banking information if you have not already.

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