You Are What You . . . Dish and Buzz ideas for this quarantine

1. Channel Your Inner Bartender. You don’t need to have eighteen bottles of arcane liqueurs and a vial of elf sweat to make a cocktail. You likely have most of what you need already. A simple search for “cocktail recipes” or a specific drink will get you on your way.

2. Make Homemade Stock. Homemade chicken, beef, or vegetable stock can make a so-so soup, chili, or other dishes a million times better, and it’s simple to make. Let it simmer away for a few hours on a lazy afternoon and freeze some for future use.

3. Recreate Traditional Nebraska Foods at Home. If you’re craving a Reuben from Crescent Moon or a Runza, stay in and try to make one in your kitchen.

4. Photographer Josh Foo has been releasing a hauntingly beautiful project highlighting how COVID-19 is affecting Omaha restaurants called Right Here Right Now on Facebook and his website He’s done interviews with many of the biggest restauranteurs in Omaha.

5. Sign Up for a Local CSA has a directory of Community Supported Agriculture in our area that offer fresh, farm grown food and allow you to support local farmers. Pay once and receive a weekly bag of fresh, locally sourced produce, eggs, milk, cheese, and artisan goods.

6. Attend a Free Online Cooking Course! There are many available, but try a free trial at

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