The Police Officers of the Southeast Precinct seeks a friendlier relationship with the community

The Police Officers of the Southeast Precinct are trying to build a stronger connection with the Latino community on the surrounding areas of Southeast Omaha by way of different recreational and educational activities. And, according to the Crime Prevention office for said institution, they’re achieving just that.

For the Latino community living in the surrounding areas of Southeast Omaha, hearing the term police will evoke different meanings, and one that the Precinct wants to highlight is friend, based on the aforementioned activities with the community.

This is the strategy highlighted by the Precinct’s Captain Katy Belcastro, in an effort to be closer to the community to make it easier to uphold the public order and safeguard the integrity of all the families that live within its 10,000 square territories.

Some of these events include Southeast Precinct Santa Claus, SAFE, and the Toy Dance, to name a few, as well as many others in which preventive information is shared on gangs, narcotics, vehicle safety, and bicycle safety, among other topics.

We must highlight that during the last year, over 4,500 individuals have participated in these free activities full of festivity with music, gifts, snacks, and more for the whole family.

“What we aim to do is for people to know we are not their enemies – we’re their friends and want to protect them,” said Belcastro, emphasizing their obligation of upholding the law.

Police officers patrol the streets of all streets in the Southeast area of the city, 24/7, all year round.

It is estimated that over 5,000 families are under their jurisdiction, and each one of them must know of the importance of participating in the public activities and events still on the horizon.

Ofelia Robles, Crime Prevention Specialist at the Southeast Precinct, stated: “While it’s true that we have to fulfill our job, it is also true that being close to the inhabitants of the area generates mutual benefits in our mission to preserve the order. This is why it’s important we see each other as friends who respect and support each other to take care of the place we’ve selected as our home.”

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