Thanksgiving is built-in family time

Thanksgiving has been a U.S. holiday celebrated every November since Abraham
Lincoln proclaimed a day of “thanksgiving and praise” in 1863. For many individuals,
Thanksgiving is one of the yearly times that big families all come together. This is
incredibly important because it provides the opportunity for family members to spend a
day engaging with one another. Thanksgiving serves the important purpose of giving
family members from diverse backgrounds a reason to join in communion with one
another. Families generally gather together for a turkey dinner and assorted traditional
side dishes.

The Intercultural Senior Center is a place where you can find a family made up of
diverse seniors and enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday. For more information, please call
The Intercultural Senior Center at (402) 444-6529 or (402) 933-2643 and ask for Anahi
Reynoso, Director of Social Services, or Carolina Padilla, Executive Director.

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