Perla Ochoa: Debuting as Pearl DJ

The lights turned on, and the music started to play. The mix that was blasting from the speakers made the
party a great hit, as those in attendance sang and danced to the beat of the event’s DJ.

What’s really interesting is that for this event the DJ was a woman, something that is not unique but also
very rare in the city. What did catch everyone’s attention was what the DJ was wearing. Even if one
expects a music star to wear something that is very fashionable, for this event the DJ wore a Mexican
folkloric garment.

Pearl DJ was a big hit. Her style focused on songs from the 1970 and 1980 while also diving into a wide
repertoire of current dance hits.

“I’m living my dream while performing in front of an audience. This is something I’ve wanted to do my
whole life and that I finally got a chance to do last year,” said Perla Ochoa who performs as Pearl DJ.

Her passion for this activity isn’t something new since she has a big love for mixing music for over 35

“When I was ten years old there was a DJ in my neighborhood that played at local events called
tardeada. Back then he was considered the best, and he never let anyone come near him or touch his
equipment. He was someone on top of his game, and whenever I had a chance I went to see him play,”
said Perla as she recalled her start in this profession.

She continues: “It was something that brought me so much joy that the next year, and with only 11 years
of age, he picked me and taught me how to handle and manage his equipment. It was then that I knew
that one day I wanted to become a DJ.”

Perla got married, had kids and even grandkids. She arrived in the United States during the new
millennium in the year 2000.

Her passion for becoming a DJ remained dormant for many years. However, it finally rose to life in 2017.

”I’m now divorced, have three wonderful sons and I’m waiting for my eight grandson. Life has been good
to me because I’m a happy woman who has been lucky enough to see my children start families of their
own. I’m 45, and feel fully plena and able to work on making my dreams come true,” said Perla.

She performs on many types of events with her original spin on things, starting with her wardrobe.
According to Perla, her second passion is folk dance, which she has practiced for many years, and this is
why she mixes the two when she performs as a DJ, dressed up in a wide range of traditional garments
from Mexico.

“This is only the beginning, and even though I don’t feel as ready as I would like to be, I’m sure that I will
improve day by day, and later on I’ll be performing at massive concerts,” she said.

For now, Perla’s most recent performance at a private birthday party was a huge success. All guests
enjoyed her mixes and her versatility, pleasing both kids and adults.

“Being a woman of my age is not good or bad for this. I feel capable of preparing myself to become a
better professional DJ. This is my dream, and it’s finally coming true, so I’m enjoying every event where I
perform, and I’m thankful to God for all of his blessings,” said Perla.

DJ Pearl

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