Vote for a Healthier Nebraska
The Heartland Workers Center explained in a very easy way to understand the
importance on voting in favor of Initiative 427 this November ballot.
More than 90,000 hard-working low-income Nebraskans are unable to access
the basic health care they need. These friends, family, and neighbors earn too
much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to received financial help that would
let them buy private insurance on the Health Insurance Marketplace, leaving
them stuck in the “Coverage Gap.”
Nearly $600 million in new federal funding per year is already set aside for
Nebraska that we aren’t getting. It’s money that 33 other states already get, but
we’ve lost out on for years. This initiative will bring those funds home, providing
health coverage to more than 90,000 struggling Nebraskans, creating 11,000
jobs, helping rural hospitals and community clinics stay open, and generating
$1.1 billion in new economic activity in our state each year.
For community members in the Coverage Gap, an unforeseen illness or medical
emergency can be financially or physically devastating. Nebraska voters deserve
the right to choose a healthier future for their families, friends, and neighbors. We
shouldn’t have to wait while politicians in Washington, D.C., and Lincoln play
politics with our health care. Voting for Initiative 427 lets the people of Nebraska
protect what’s most important to them in their health care.
For more information go to the Heartland Workers Center website at, “Vote for initiative 427.”

NE: “Honestly, it is not for everyone”
Nebraska’s new tourism marketing campaign concedes that the state is a bit
boring, yet it hopes to lure travelers by highlighting that you can escape noisy
cities and create your own fun.
“Honestly, it’s not for everyone” is the new tagline in ads.
State Tourism Director John Ricks said that because Nebraska has consistently
ranked as the “least likely state” tourists plan to visit, the marketing campaign
needed to be different.
The new ad pitch, which leans on self-deprecating humor, was developed by a
Colorado-based advertising agency, Vladimir Jones, after testing with
out-of-staters likely to visit Nebraska.
The new campaign, which debuted Wednesday afternoon at the annual state
tourism convention at the Lied Lodge & Conference Center, got a mostly positive
The first ads from the new campaign will roll out in January and will focus on the
sand hill crane migration in central Nebraska, touted as a world-class wildlife
event. “How can 500,000 cranes be wrong?” is the likely theme of those ads,
Ricks said.

November 6 is Election Day but so is today
And so it is tomorrow, and the next day, and every day until November 6.
That is how Roseann Morin started her article published by the Omaha World

Herald on October 12.
More Nebraska voters are choosing to get ballots by mail and turning them in
early, rather than making the traditional trip to the polls on Election Day.
Statewide, more than 64,000 people already have requested an early voting
ballot, with more than two weeks to go. In 2014, the last non-presidential
statewide general election, about 118,000 people voted early.
The deadline to request an early ballot is Friday, October 26. The Douglas
County Election Commission will stay open an extra hour, to 6 p.m., that day.
Sarpy County has seen roughly 18,000 requests overall, and Election
Commissioner Michelle Andahl said she expects to see about 20,000 early voting
requests this year.

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