Mercedes Reyes: Owner of Reyes Modista y Regalos

“Business is in my blood. Back when I was a little girl, I remember I would come back from school and
would help my mother in her dairy products business. I would change out if my school uniform, would tidy
up my hair, and I would start to work with her to make cheese.”

This is how our interview started with Mercedes Reyes, an entrepreneur who arrived in Omaha in 2005 to
make the city her new home.

She is originally from Ilobasco, in Cabañas, El Salvador. Even though she at first came to the city to help
one of her sisters with different activities, she also started to successfully work on her haute couture
business thanks to her studies in her homeland.

“In 2010 I opened her first business in a small location for around a tear”, said Mercedes. Luckily, God
blessed me, and I was able to move to a bigger location, offering my couture services as well as selling
products from a catalog.”

The location was named “Reyes Modista y Regalos.” The business was well received since a seamstress
is always welcomed by those who like to enjoy a unique and personalized outfit that can’t be found in any
mall or store. You can also find people with the knowledge and skills needed to alter, modify or repair a
particular piece of clothing you really like.

Despite her good fortune, the place where she was located was huge, so she decided to rent part of it.

It only took a year for Mercedes to be able to rent the entire space on her own. “Nowadays I even feel
that I need more space because of all the products and all the services we have to offer to our clients.”

There are over 50 different services on offer, along with her couture, alterations and repair services. She
sells shoes, dresses, decorations, souvenirs for all types of events, jewelry, perfumes, kitchen and home
utensils, hats, belts, and glasses, to mention a few.

The business is located at 4817 24th South Street.

“I love this area because it’s the perfect location for my business. I’ve already tried this at other spots, and
it hasn’t done as great, and I’ve been lucky enough to return to 24th Street, and I never plan to leave

She doesn’t plan to move from Omaha since this is the place she calls home and where she has settled
to form a family.

Her business’ growth has allowed her to be acknowledged as a distinguished entrepreneur, according to
non-profit organizations who support the growth of small businesses, as is the case of the Midlands
Latino Community Development Corporation (MLCDC).

According to the MLCDC, the economic contribution of a micro-entrepreneur such as Mercedes Reyes is
unquestionable, highlighting that their tax contributions are reflected in the growth of Omaha and of Latino
communities in general.

Today, Mercedes is happy “because God has been good to me and has allowed my business to continue
growing, offering new things to our community. Because of this, I’m thankful for everyone who has trusted
in me and who at some point have visited my store. May God bless all of them,” she said as we ended
our interview.

Reyes Modista y Regalos
4817 South 24th St., Omaha NE 68107
Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. a 7 p.m.

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