Samuel Pulido: Owner of Out 2 Clean

Latinos are known for their tenacity to take on new crafts that they probably didn’t previously picture themselves working on, and yet they take on that new challenge and showcase the talent that makes them such great workers.

An example of this is Samuel Pulido, a psychologist that graduated in Mexico City and who one day found himself as an immigrant in this country who had to learn about the craft of commercial cleaning.

“I worked for a company who would send me to several locations for cleanup duties. At one of those locations the manager was not happy with the service provided by the cleaning company, but did like the work I was doing. This manager gave us the idea of starting our own cleaning business and that’s how it all began nine years ago,” said Pulido.

The first steps needed to get this going were taking care of the legal side of the equation such as the registration, securing permits and insurance.

According to Samuel, “the whole process was really fast and a month later we were ready to work as Out 2 Clean.”

As for what makes them special as a cleaning company, Pulido says: “We put a lot of attention to detail, because we know that it is not just about going somewhere to clean since we have to work even harder, and this is something that our clients definitely notice.”

Pulido also highlighted the professional and friendly treatment they provide to their clients, which include several apartment buildings, some of which are located within air force facilities.

A big advantage of starting out as Out 2 Clean was that even before they started to officially work as a company they already had some clients, which is not the case for many entrepreneurs who struggle as they start from scratch, trying to secure some new clients as they work hard to earn their trust and patronage.

According to Samuel, the bad thing about this type of business is how sometimes clients take a while to pay for the service. “Many people don’t realize that in this type of business there are times when some clients stop paying for a considerable time and you must have enough money to pay your staff during periods of time that could end up being several months long.”

The best thing is that “this is a business in which you don’t need to invest a lot. It is also very easy since you don’t need to know much, and it is a job that is very much in demand.”

Out 2 Clean offers a range of very competitive prices, and is currently planning to increase the number of people it employs.  

Thanks to all of this, Samuel Pulido has become port of the growing group of Latino entrepreneurs who with their hard work shows that everyone can work on a new craft as long as they’re willing to put in the hours to learn and hone it.

“Even though I never imagined I’d be doing this, I have to say I really like this job. I’m very thankful for having a job. I would definitely like to work as a psychologist, but I feel I’m actually doing a bit of that nowadays with my clients, who I work with every day, always working professionally to get the job done,” concluded Samuel Pulido.

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