Mary Cano: Owner of Forever Quinceañera Boutique

When we talk about women entrepreneurs, we have to talk about Mary Cano, Latino mother who has successfully entered the business scene in Omaha.

Back in 2017 she took on a project to open a business at the Crossroads Mall, a location that was not the most popular spot in the city but that, as days and weeks went by, turned out to be the best one to allow her dream to start taking shape: her dream of opening Forever Quinceañera Boutique.

She’s a new Latino face in the world of weddings, quinceaños, baptisms and graduation parties, but business is in her blood since she comes from a family of merchants that, back when she was a little girl, showed her the importance you must give to the products you’re selling, to the suppliers and, above all, to your clients.

“The idea is to continue to grow day by day, because with each dress we deliver to a client, we start to challenge ourselves to an even better job for the next person who asks for our services,” said Mary.

We must highlight that not only does Forever Quinceañera Boutique offer a wide variety of dresses and accessories for quinceañeras from several suppliers, it also presents its own line of dresses, which is definitely a plus and a great milestone for its owner.

The designs that Mary makes are comfortable to wear and aim to reflect the personality of the young girls who showcase them.  

“We want perfection in the artisan dresses we make, highlighting the exquisite fabrics and the high quality unique designs which relate to our identity and essence as a brand,” said Mary during a recent fashion show in which she showcased her work.

“Forever Quinceañera Designs is committed to creating a dress worthy of the most precious moments of a quinceañera that dreams of that very special day when she’ll have her quinceaños party,” she added.

Nowadays, Mary is very happy about her business, having left behind the days in which she questioned if she had made the right decision when she quit her job that, for many years, had given her a steady paycheck and the stability she needed. However, with the support and encouragement of her husband, she started this project and has not stopped ever since, becoming an entrepreneur that contributed to our city’s economic growth, as well as being a source of employment for the many people involved.

Family and close friends all helped to build this castle of dreams for this Latino business that proudly opens its doors every day with a firm commitment to offering a quality product to create memories that last forever, from Forever Quinceañera Boutique.

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