Lesly Gallardo showcases the benefits of Micropigmentation

With flawless makeup, dressed in black from head to toes, Lesly Gallardo puts on a pair of latex gloves to apply a cream anesthetic over her client’s eyebrows.

After this, she covers the area with two pieces of plastic, “because the heat they generate allows the anesthetic to act faster,” which makes the micropigmentation process practically painless.

Her client is a beautiful young lady named Rubi, who takes a look in the mirror and shares a nervous smile. She has previously completed the necessary documentation for this type of cosmetic procedures, and Gallardo has explained her in full how she will perform this task.

She can’t wait to see the results because Rubi studied cosmetology at Xenon Academy and she is familiar with this technique thanks to the videos and photographs she checked on social media: “I’m very excited, and I’m certain I’m in good hands.”

After a little bit, Rubi’s skin around her eyebrows is numb, so Gallardo removes the transparent covers and cleans the area to carefully measure the arc, thickness, and length of each eyebrow, a vital part of the face which is called “the frame of the eyes.”

“This is a wonderful career,” said Gallardo. “I’ve been working on this for five years now and, to be honest, I learn more every day, both from clients and from the work I do.”

Always passionate about the latest trends with the change of each season, and knowing that “fashion and makeup go hand in hand and they’re always changing,” Gallardo specialized on the new eyebrow contouring method known as microblading. “I like to always be on the cutting edge, increasing my knowledge and seeking the latest products and techniques. I’m always learning by taking courses so that I can provide a better service,” said the Sinaloa born makeup artist who a few months ago opened her business over at 90 and L St.

Lesly Makeup Studio is tastefully decorated and conditioned for the comfort of those who want to improve their looks, either with a professional makeup session or, like Rubi, with micropigmentation.

“This is a procedure which takes roughly an hour and a half,” said Gallardo. After properly drawing and applying makeup to each eyebrow based on the features and taste of her young client, she asks her to move to a different part of the studio so that she can start to draw everything “hair by hair,” all under the light of a special lamp. Wearing a mask, Gallardo then fits the scalpel with “a special sterilized disposable razor which has roughly 12 needles,” which will receive the pigment in the proper hue based on the client’s skin and hair color, so that she can continue to draw the eyebrows.

Unlike eyebrow tattooing which became very popular years ago, micropigmentation offers a more natural look which makes it a more viable option, not only for women but also for men of all ages who want to give their eyebrows a better look.

A few minutes later and after manually highlighting each drawn eyebrow twice, Rubi is now ready to review the finished process. “I love it!” said the young girl as she looked at the result. All she has to do now is carefully follow the required instructions, such as making sure the area around her eyebrows does not get wet, so she can’t go to the pool or sweat at a gym, not to mention she can’t also stay under the sun for too long.

“People must get a touch up a month after the procedure since the pigment tends to vanish a bit, although it depends on how each skin type reacts to the procure,” emphasized Gallardo while she applied some vaseline-style cream over the area of Rubi’s eyebrows to keep it from being itchy so that she doesn’t end up scratching herself. The client said that she didn’t feel any pain, and even though she did bleed some tiny drops of blood during the process, there was only some mild irritation on the skin itself, unlike the process for tattooing an eyebrow which leaves the skin swollen for a considerable time. “The color fades a little bit, and it becomes a bit narrower,” said Gallardo, which is why after the touch up a month after the first session, a second one is recommended, “and after that you’ll need one every year or two if you want your eyebrows to look flawless.”

Now Rubi will wake up every day with a pair of great looking eyebrows, saving time when she needs to get ready to go out, not to mention the money she’ll save since she won’t need to spend money on makeup for her eyebrows. It is a great alternative for people who want to give a “good first impression,” which Gallardo says is the best way we can introduce ourselves.

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