Alex Nuñez continues to broadcast hope from “The most beautiful city in the world.”

“To this day, everything I have accomplished has been thanks to God’s grace,” said radio announcer Alex Nuñez, who is looking better than ever. Nuñez started his career at his natal El Salvador, and he continued in this country at La Luz (KOTK 1420), the first Spanish language Christian radio station, which began broadcasting its signal on November, 2008: “It was there that I had the chance to work on providing spiritual healing by way of songs, observations and more.”

After a few years, the station changed its name to El Pez, but it was an easy transition for its audience because Nuñez in Omaha was already there every morning for radio listeners, sharing positive messages full of hope.

By mid-2016, the radio station went off the air, so Nuñez had to seek the help of some of his close friends to create a new option: El Show de Alex Nuñez (The Alex Nuñez Show): “It’s a four hour show transmitted over two frequencies, on 106.5 FM and 660 AM, and on the internet at,” said Nuñez, who brings a lot of joy to people at work or at home every Saturday from 7 to 11 a.m.

Nuñez, who is also a priest, considers that such an opportunity is “a blessing because there are other Latino radio stations in Omaha and we don’t have one that is one in Spanish that is one hundred percent, Christian, although there are some in English.”

Nuñez talked to us about the main motivation for creating the show that since May 2016 continues to gain new radio listeners: “There are some very nice people here who like to listen to healthy music, to music that motivates them and helps them, not music that brings more emotional, mental, psychological or spiritual conflict.”

He acknowledged that “in Omaha and all of the United States we have a wide diversity of cultures, especially here where we have people from all over Latin America,” which is why during the broadcast they need to include as many musical genres as possible. This is why they play salsa, cumbia, bachata, and merengue, as well as ballads, pop and even mariachi music!

“The Alex Nuñez Show” also presents educational, cultural and, most importantly, spiritual themes. And even though he doesn’t go into politics, Nuñez does feature Thomas Campbell, “El Abogado Tomas,” to answer the audience’s questions on immigration processes.

“The city is not the same from twenty years ago,” said Nuñez. “Omaha has grown, and it will continue to grow, and I really wish the best for a city that is right in the center of the United States. It is its heart, and it is setting the pace and rhythm for all.”

A city like Omaha of which Nuñez has always been very proud: “The most beautiful city in the world.”

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