Dr. Peter Young helps parents and their kids to remain healthy thanks to chiropractic

“Who wouldn’t want to avoid waking up in the morning saying ‘oh God, everything hurts!’ or something like ‘I can’t move today, so I better stay home and not go to work’? It is awful when we have to go to work and complain from pain all day or feel as if our legs are failing us and our head hurts,” said Elizabeth Ramos-Hernandez, manager at the Young Chiropractic Clinic in South Omaha.

Ramos-Hernandez added that thanks to chiropractic, all those ailments “can be treated up to a point when you will no longer feel said symptoms.”

Ramos-Hernandez visited Young Chiropractic many years ago with several ailments that started after her first son was born: “I was first a patient of Dr. Young, and since I felt great with the treatment, I later decided to join the team.”

After a while, when Ramos-Hernandez got pregnant for the second time, she and her husband decided that it was vital that she take advantage of the benefits of chiropractic: “And it was a wonderful thing because right from the start it helped to get rid of the headaches, nausea and back aches. It was a true blessing.”

Young Chiropractic opened the doors at its first location over at 98 and Giles St. over a decade ago, but since November 2016, the services of Dr. Peter Young were extended to South Omaha on popular 24th St.

For Ramos-Hernandez, this was very special because, as the daughter of Mexican parents, “I’m always trying to bring more of my people to the clinic because, due to the type of jobs they perform which are always very grueling, be that at packing plants or in construction work, they need to take good care of themselves because it is hard to perform their work if they don’t have proper care.”

Dr. Peter Young, who graduated in the 2007 class of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri, knows the needs of the Latino community mentioned by her assistant, and has the needed expertise in this alternative medicine option. He is one of the few certified chiropractors in Omaha for the Graston Technique which focuses, for example, in treating the areas of the body which suffer from chronic inflammation.

“In essence, chiropractic is all about providing proper healthcare in a natural way in order to avoid medication or surgery,” said Dr. Young, adding that chiropractic studies the human central nervous system in order to detect any blocking that affects the mobility of articulations, muscles and tendons, so that the body can regulate its own healing. “The human body is a very powerful instrument, and it can heal on its own.”

At Young Chiropractic, the team of specialists who works alongside Dr. Young are dedicated to “educating patients on the proper habits they need to adopt, such as eating healthy, getting enough rest and exercising.”

Positive results from the first set of sessions can be seen in both kids and adults who have been diagnosed with sinusitis or allergies.

As the mother of a young one-year-old, Ramos-Hernandez witnessed firsthand the positive changes a young kid can experience when exposed to chiropractic care at such an early age: “Things such as cramps or reflux or even constipation can be avoided. In fact, at the clinic, we show moms how they should change a baby’s diaper so that they don’t damage the baby’s dorsal spine. Taking their kids to a chiropractor is one of the best thing parents can do for them, but they should also take the time to be treated.”

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