Antonio Morales, owner of Pastelería Nietos

Every immigrant who makes it to the United States has a story to tell. They are experiences that continue to grow until they manage to conquer the so-called American dream, highlighting that it doesn’t last forever unless you work hard to get it. Because of this, El Perico newspaper presents the story of one such person who today shares a bit of his life story.

His name is Antonio Morales, who arrived in Omaha 17 years ago.

“Al the start I was on my own, pushing forward with the hope of being able to save enough to purchase a truck to help me with my fruit businesses in Mexico. However, fate made me rediscover a craft I had practiced many years ago, and that today has become the activity that fills me with infinite pleasure: baking and creating pastries.”

Morales’ business idea started with a two thousand dollars investment and a temporary location out of a renowned restaurant in the city.

And from there what would later be known as Pastelería Nietos was born, a business with a wide variety of over 40 types of bread and cakes which today inspire its owner.

“I didn’t have a proper education, but that didn’t keep me from learning through many courses, workshops, and programs that have allowed me to better manage my own business,” said Antonio, who has managed to overcome the language and acculturation barriers, not to mention the 2009 economic recession.

Part of the prestige that Pastelería Nietos has managed to achieve in the area has been thanks to its participation in many community, charity, educational and entertainment events, reaffirming the demand of its regular customers. “This has led me to visualize the idea of increasing the variety of products we offer, as well as offering a special section for tasting cakes.”

To meet the demand, right now Pastelería Nietos operates for 13 hours a day, 365 days a year, with products that continue to be made directly by its owner on 1620 Vinton St.

“There have been many twists and turns in my life, and they have brought great satisfaction to me through this craft,” said Morales, adding, “if I could share something with the people who read this article, it would be the word ‘tenacity,’ which is what allows us to continue being an important part of the economic backbone of this country, and that will allow us to reach the American dream.”
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